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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Hot Lava!!

Yay!!  Blogger is finally back up!! So, yesterday's look is inspired by my desire to try my new China Glaze polishes that came in the mail!! I got 8 polishes in colors: Orange Knockout, Heart Broken (pink crackle), Crushed Candy (baby blue crackle), Cracked Concrete (grey crackle), Fault Line (purple crackle), Four Leave Clover, White on White, and Fairy Dust!! I haven't had a chance to use them all yet, but I will post pics when I do! Fairy Dust is officially my favorite sparkle topper....of all time.

On to my manicure! I wish it lasted longer, but it was my fault for trying to apply polish on top of my Orly Nailtrition, and two coats of it at that. Here's the order I applied my polish:
2 coats Orly Nailtrition
1 coat SH Hard as Nails
1 Coat ChG Bare if You Dare
1/2 Orange Knockout, 1/2 Bare if You Dare ( I used Orange knockout for the top half and Bare if You Dare for the lower half)
1 coat  Seche Vite to even out things
1 coat ChG Cracked Concrete
1 coat ChG Fairy Dust
1 coat Seche Vite

Did you want to see pics? Well here they are....
 My index finger totally wrinkled right before i took this pic...argh. Never would have happened if I'd only used the Sally Hansen.
 Sorry for the blurriness!! I could not get my cam to focus last night!

So, it totally looked cool, and I would love to try it out again with different color combinations. Hope you enjoyed it!
Happy Polishing,

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