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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golden Rose Paris Holographic 102

Click on the photo to see the holo detail better. About this polish: I ordered all the PARIS holographic colors, so you will see them all eventually, but I really wanted to try this one first. I applied Wet n Wild Toast, a metallic silver, to my nails first so I didn't have to apply too much holo polish for opacity. Then I think I did 1(it might have been 2, I'm not sure) coat of holo polish, a coat of SV, and another coat of holo. The holo detail doesn't actually show up that much indoor, but outside it is gorgeous!!
Of course, I couldn't get the holo to show up on my cam when I took pics outdoors, so in this case, look at the indoor pics to get an idea of what it looks like outdoors. So backwards.
This was the best I could get my camera to do outdoors. A little holo shows up on my pinky in this pic. And please excuse the mess. I took this polish off like 5 minutes later.
Happy Polishing,

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