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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Delicate Elegance

I love the combo I'm wearing today. I could wear it forever...and that's saying a lot. I have an entirely full Helmer with overflow into 2 Melmer drawers...and one Helmer drawer is entirely dedicated to indies! So today's combo is seriously that beautiful, although I'm sure you wouldn't be able to see all the beauty just from my pics. Enough blabbering from me, you want to know what's on my nails! The pics are 2 coats of Zoya Avery, one coat of Sonnetarium Snowfall, a coat of Glitter Food from Nail Pattern Boldness, all topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. It came out a tad thick for my liking, especially since I had to file my nails down to complete nubbins, but I still love it!

Sonnetarium Snowfall
Sonnetarium Snowfall
Hope you like this combo as much as I do! And apologies for the shoddy cleanup...I did this at work this morning at about 4 AM...before I managed to get sick.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Sassy Lacquer All Hallow's Eve

Hello my fellow lacquerheads!

Today's post is showcasing the glitter I promised you last week. Apologies for not having the post up earlier, but I got a new camera and I'm still learning my way around it, so the pictures aren't top notch, but hopefully they'll get better as we go along. 

This polish was sent to me for an honest review, so that's what I'll give you. 




The glitter went on easily, no fishing required. You may or may not see a slight tint in the base if you choose to layer it over white but otherwise, it's negligible. The  glitter lays nice and flat, and I know this because I wore it for several days without topcoat. You could probably get away with just one coat of topcoat for this polish. The suspension base dries nice and shiny and pretty fast. I think it's a great Halloween polish and would look great in a jelly sandwich using a glow-in-the-dark polish. I've got to get one soon. 

You can purchase All Hallow's Eve here, along with other gorgeous polishes for $9 each. The Halloween collection is available now, and the Christmas collection is up for pre-order already. Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Nail Graffiti: 1500 Follower Giveaway- Indie Extravaganza!

Ordinarily, I would post this on my giveaways tab, but that needs to be revamped, so I'm just going to tell you ladies to go enter this awesome giveaway which ends in less than one day! Click the link to be taken to the giveaway post!
My Nail Graffiti: 1500 Follower Giveaway- Indie Extravaganza!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Underwear Preview!

No, I'm not showing you my skivvies, but I did want to show you my base colors for a polish I'll be reviewing shortly! I frankened most of my base colors since I just recieved a shipment of suspension base and pigments, but I think they're close enough to colors that already exist so I won't create any lemmings. :)
Only 2 pics today, but they're with my new camera, so I'm pretty excited!

Underwear for All Hallow's w/ Flash
With Flash
The colors with flash are a little washed out, but you can see the holo in the red franken better on my middle finger. I frankened a red holo on my first try, yay!!
Underwear for All Hallow's
No flash, indoors.
You can see the pink shimmer a little better on my pinky now! The color is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so glad I purchased the Libra Blues pigment from TKB for this franken. If you're looking for a similar color, Dare 2 Wear Our Secret Eden is what I was trying to dupe with this franken. The green on my index is made with a couple drops of black polish and Chromium Green pigment from TKB. The red holo is made with the Magic Holographic suspension from TKB, Zoya America, and A-England Perceval. The white is good old Wet n Wild French White.Whew! 

Everyone kept asking me why I have either the Mexican or Italian flag on my nails, but it wasn't on purpose. Oh well! Glitter shall be up on the blog soon!