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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Golden Rose Paris Holographic 110 plus a Nail Fail

It's a cute scattered pink berry holographic polish. I was trying to use it for a manicure, but it ended up just being a swatch. Here I have it shown 2 coats over a white base.

These are the outdoor pics I managed to grab. Not too shabby.
And here's my nail fail. I used Color Club Revvvvolution (not sure how many v's are in it) for the black holo. I used Seche on my index finger and then tried to see how OPI DS Top Coat compared to the Seche in terms of the holo on my middle finger. Well, let's just say that you need to wait until the polish has dried completely for the DS top coat. The black smudged and ran into the pink. Ugh. But the polishes themselves are both gorgeous!
Happy Polishing,


  1. I like the pairing of the pink and black holos you did! These are both very pretty polishes. :)
    - Mary

  2. Thanks!! They are gorgeous polishes and the Golden Rose polishes retail for a great price!

  3. I never heard of this brand. Do tell.

  4. You can purchase Golden Rose polishes at
    I've only bought the Paris Holographic polishes which retail for 3.99 US regularly but are on sale for 3.49 US right now. They do not ship internationally, however. Hope this helps!


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