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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Bad Luck Polish

Late Afternoon Sunlight
Meet 212-Sephora. When this polish originally came out, I heard so much about it I took a trip to Sephora just to get it. And my birthday gift from Sephora. I put this on once and decided I hated it. It sat very still in my tiny collection for months. As I expanded my collection this spring, I came upon this polish again. I ignored it for a few more months and decided to wear it this past week. I put it on Tuesday afternoon while I was at work over one coat of Wet n Wild black. I liked it better now because it wasn't as sheer, but I still wasn't in love with it. Wednesday was moving day for me, since I had to switch dorms for the summer. I ended up breaking almost all of my nails while wearing this polish. Now I have to grow them all out again because I have nubbins!! You'll see them soon. But if you like this polish, scroll down to see the rest of the pics.

Flakies are more visible in the shade.
May your fingernails never break,


  1. aww... i'm having a hard time too to grow my nails, so im sad when they break..

    visit my blog :)

  2. Lol @ your sign-off phrase - "may your fingernails never break". I feel for you, I didn't like having to dorm-hop for the summer back in my college days.

  3. Yeah I didn't want anyone else to have bad luck with their nails. And moving dorms was horrific...except I found some polishes that fell behind furniture.


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