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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where Am I?

I've been exhausted since I got back from Maryland after the Memorial Day weekend, so I haven't uploaded any pics to my computer, therefore, the blog hasn't been updated. Never fear!!! I have been doing manicures and taking pictures, so I have plenty to show you and I did some swatching today, so I should have enough for 2 weeks of posting while my nails undergo Orly Nailtrition treatment. Ok, sleep calls and I've got to be up early tomorrow, so check back tomorrow and hopefully I'll have a couple of pics up!
Happy Polishing,


  1. I know how that goes! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  2. Thanks for commenting!! I can't wait to upload more pictures!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more lovely swatches from you. :)
    - Mary

  4. Hi Janelle - just found your blog via a comment you left on mine - always great to find other nail bloggers in So. Cal!

  5. Thanks for the comments!!
    @ABOP - love your blog!!!
    @Mary - I have plenty of swatches on my computer to upload.


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