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Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 Very Messy Swatches

I warned you they were messy, so I'm putting in a jump...Click if you want to see swatches of Revlon Emerald City and a color-changing polish.

See that pretty shimmer?
Without flash.
In both pictures, there is topcoat on my thumbnail and none on my other fingernails. 
Verdict: I like this color but it bubbled a lot on me. The finish isn't really matte like the bottle says, so I would wear this with topcoat due to the fact that it gets rid of bubbles and it brings out the pretty shimmer. Also, this color has great opacity. You could probably just use one coat, but I chose to use 2.

Blech! This is the ugly duckling of my stash. Not because it's an ugly color, which it's not, but because it doesn't do what it says it does. I wore this for a full 24 hours and did not notice color change at all. It's supposed to change between blue and purple and it's heat-activated. I say, save your money and buy another polish if you just wanted this for the novelty of the color-change. Otherwise, it's a great purple-blue, and it dries satiny-matte, so you might want to add some topcoat. And it dries really fast. I think that's about it! Oh, and the brand is Mood Struck and I got mine at Rite-Aid.


  1. I grabbed two mood struck polishes - including that blue one - at Rite aid too! When I swatched I could see the difference though. Did you try running it under hot and cold water?

  2. I tried it with ice and I didn't see a color change so maybe my hands were cold. I'll try it again next week. Thanks for the tip!


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