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Friday, June 17, 2011

I Guess that Makes Me a Nerd...

Meet my most neglected blue, Nerds Need Love Too. As you can see this is a Wet n Wild color and it is a gorgeous blue! The bottle makes it look like there's shimmer or pearl, but this is pretty much your basic creme.
Coats: 2
Dry Time: Pretty Fast. I think this dried in 5 minutes without top coat.
Opacity: Great. You can do one thick coat if you prefer that to 2 thin coats.
Formula: Awesome. No goopiness or streaks.
Now for the design:
It's pretty simple, just straight lines, all done with Kiss Nail Art polishes I picked up at Rite Aid.

Very simple, but it's lovely.
Happy Polishing,


  1. Ooo this is a lovely blue! I like this pattern, the colors you picked compliment the blue it well.

  2. Thank you so much!! I must say, the 12 hours I wore this polish for, I could not stop looking at my nails. The blue looks even better in real life.

  3. Love em! That's a really cute shade of blue and the pink and the black goes great with it.

  4. That shade reminds me of China Glaze's 'For Audrey.' However, I know you're is more blue. And, that makes me like it better. :) How cool is that design!!!

  5. Nice mani, I'm pretty jealous of your skills :)

  6. To everyone: Thanks for the comments!!

    @Maya - It's actually a pale lavender shade but my camera turned it pink since it's so light. My bad for not actually saying that in the post.

    @Kimberly - I totally see what you mean about them looking kinda similar. Sadly, I still haven't used my bottle of For Audrey that I bought in April.

    @Aya - Don't be jealous of my skills! I always have a brush and acetone ready for cleanup and I paint my nails a lot just so I can practice. And I go really slowly when I'm trying a design. I totally suck at stamping, so as soon as I get moved into the dorm for summer, I'll be working to improve that.

  7. @ABOP - Thanks!! I see you had a late night as well1 :)


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