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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't believe the camera's lies!!

This picture is exactly how almost everyone's swatches of Orly Royal Navy looked. I knew I had to get this color!! It was the most amazing royal blue polish. Not! Don't get me wrong, the polish is actually really gorgeous, but it is not the color shown above.

This is more like the actual color. You can hardly see the teal shimmer unless you look up close, and it is a true navy jelly. In bright lighting, there is definite VNL (visible nail line). I decided to jazz up my manicure with a Color Club mini I scored on eBay that I cannot find any info about. If you know anything about this color, please let me know!! I can't even find swatches of any of the minis I bought except Where's The Soiree?, so someone please inform me!! No further procrastination, here's the nail art done freehand with the polish brush and a dotting tool in Color Club Peace & Gold:

I knew this polish would look great with gold and it does!! Plus, I'm a little smug about my nail art...It looks great to me!!
Happy Polishing,


  1. I have bought polish in the past just because I have seen a swatch and it's really annoying to find the camera has changed the colour loads! Love the nail art, the gold looks really lovely with the blue and the design is beautiful

  2. I'm so happy you like my design! I was worried about freehanding it. And even though the color is different from what I expected, I still love it.

  3. The nail art you did on your accent nail looks great! Nice job! :)

    I like how you did it freehand - gives it that personal touch.
    - Mary

  4. Love the accent nail. Never heard of CC Peace and Gold - is that a recent one?

  5. I actually cannot find any info about it. I got it in an eBay auction for color club minis and I got 6 colors that I cannot find any info on. The bottle and the labeling looks legit though.


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