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Monday, June 27, 2011

Floral Stamping

Check out those stamping skills!!! I felt like I did a pretty good job for it being my first time attempting a stamping manicure. This post is for Floral Monday on Polish-aholics Anonymous. I used NYX Girls Between Mauve And Purple as my base color. That is a really long name, isn't it? I used the Bundle Monster plate BM14. On my accent finger, I stamped with Julep Natalie, and I stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Silver Sweep on the rest of my fingers. I really liked the way this came out! Sorry about the bubbles, my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri has not been the best lately. More pics!!
The silver makes things go out of focus sometimes.

My favorite finger!

 Happy Polishing,


  1. I have yet to get stamping kits but I think I'm going to finally give in and get some, they look so fun.

    check out my giveaway:

  2. I heard the Konad brand plates are easier to use for beginners, but the Bundle Monster plates are so cheap!!

  3. I like the Bundle Monster plates,too. I have a few Konads, but my I love this image of BM16. I want to get out my plates,and stamp away. New follower here!

  4. Thanks thalie! I didn't know where to place the rose if I was just going to do one on each nail so I made a pattern out of it.

  5. stamping is my thing! luv the design!

    btw got here through the member blogs of our fb group! hope u visit my blog too.

    new follower <3

  6. I love the silver on the purple. Have that same Nyx Girls, and the name of it makes me laugh - like they couldn't decide what to call it.

  7. @ABOP - Yeah I was wondering about that name. I actually grabbed the wrong polish on my way to work. I mean to grab Golden Lavender also by NYX Girls, but alas, this polish had to do.


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