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Monday, June 13, 2011

J likes Red Polish

You may have noticed the lack of red polishes on my blog. You may be wondering if I even own a red polish. Truth be told, I own about 4 red polishes - China Glaze Italian Red & Ruby Pumps, Wet n Wild Red Red, and Essie Risky Business (it counts right?). So I picked up the W&W polish just because I felt I needed a creme red (the China Glazes are jelly and glitter) and it actually looked kinda pinkish in Rite Aid, but it was only 99 cents. So without further ado, I present to you my favorite red polish - Wet n Wild Red Red.
 I'm not sure how this color looks on your screen, but it is a true red and it fits its name perfectly. I got extra excited and decided that it was time for me to use Risky Business so I added one layer of that on top.

The second picture is more accurate. The Essie doesn't change the color to orange, just adds some becutiful shimmer. It was hard to capture the color.

I added a second layer of Risky Business on my thumb and it did make the polish look more orange-toned, but not as much as this picture makes it look. I could not get an accurate picture. Sorry! Hope you enjoyed this post!! How do you feel about red polishes?
Happy Polishing,

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