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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revisiting a Glitter

So remember these sucky pictures of an amazing glitter I posted a couple weeks back? Well, I decided to pull out that glitter again and wear it over Nails Inc Baker Street. If you don't own Baker Street, you need it. Enough said. But I didn't stop at just Baker Street, I layered over it before I added glitter! On my ring, thumb, and pinky fingers, I added Girly Bits Street Magic, and on my index and middle fingers, I added my unnamed blurple franken with pink shimmer. Street Magic is amazing. I wish I'd used it on all my nails because when the light hits the shimmer so that it glows green, the combo was amazing and perfectly Halloweeny! It was so hard to capture the shimmer when it was green!  But enough of me talking, you wanna see pics!

Here you can clearly see the difference that my franken makes in the base color.
Isn't the glitter yummy over the shimmer? Ignore if it seems lumpy...I got sloppy with topcoat. It's not the glitter's fault.

You can see the shimmer on my pinky!!!

Bonus blurry shots where the green shimmer finally showed up!1-P1000155
Hope you guys enjoyed it and I'm sorry you can't be here in person to drool over this combo with me!

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