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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 Pretty Polishes...

Don't always make a pretty combo. Last week, I had gotten a few Jade polishes in the mail and decided to use one in conjuction with Lynnderella Golden Rules. First up, a terrible picture of Jade Mystic Gold by itself:

Golden Rules
It's way more holo in real life. But it's pretty close to the color of mustard...holographic mustard? Hmmm... this was 2 coats, but it was almost opaque in 1.

Golden Rules
My index finger has one coat, and my other nails have 2 coats of Golden Rules. I think I was trying to channel the creative layering skills of Cathy at More Nail Polish, but I think I failed here.

Golden Rules
This is a really packed glitter, I should have only used one coat. It took a lot to try and smooth this out...and it still wasn't completely smooth after two coats of Glitter Food.

Golden Rules
I do have to say though, the blurred holo on my ring finger looks amazing. Also, the girls I tutor on Fridays really liked this. They thought my nails were fake...even though they are so short! As you can probably tell, I did not do cleanup because I did these late at night, but both polishes applied pretty well, and I didn't do too much fishing for glitter. Next time, I think I'll use a cooler toned gold if I decide to go with a gold base again.

Happy Polishing,

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