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Friday, May 25, 2012

Nail Mail

Because of the current state of my nails, I've had to stop painting my nails and put all kinds of treatments on them. My middle fingernails on both hands keep chipping and tearing so I keep filing them down, but they just repeat the cycle. Also my nails have gotten really soft and flexible all of a sudden, despite the fact that I take Biotin pills daily. Oh well, at least I have pretty nail mail to show you guys. I really wanted the OPI Shrek collection, and I found a seller with the entire collection for a decent price, so I bought it. Then, a bottle broke in transit, and I know how hard it is to find this collection so I almost didn't ask the seller to replace it. But I did, and she was so nice about it, and she has super fast shipping too, so I love it! Here are bottle pics!







That's it for now, I got some more nail mail that I haven't opened yet, so I'll post up pics of those later, just so there's something pretty to look at on my blog. Don't forget, my giveaway closes in a week, so go enter!
Happy Polishing,


  1. Bahaha!! I can just hear Donkey saying, "What's with the cattitude!" tee hee hee :) How fun, to find the whole collection! I bet you were stoked to finally have it in your hot little hands.
    Bummer about your nails, though.... In case you're interested, I use either an extra virgin olive oil soak or a couple drops of argan oil rubbed in and let my nails sit for at least 15 minutes, and I eat a small handful of raw almonds every day, and I've had no problem with mine.

    1. Haha thanks Liesl! I need to get back to eating raw almonds and I'll be sure to try the olive oil soak!

  2. awesome collection, cant wait to see swatches

  3. super jealous of that what's with the cattitude.. I just cant bring myself to pay $18 for it on eaby...just might have to though...your swatch will probably be the deciding factor...cant wait to see them

    1. I'm glad I finally gave in to the lemming, but if you want it just for the color (I'm a sucker for Shrek, though) then Color Club Factory Girl is supposed to be really close. I'll be sure to get it swatched soon, since summer is almost here!


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