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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life, Love, Stuff.

So the first week of February has gone by, which means that there is only one more week until everyone's favorite commercial holiday - Valentine's Day! I'm not really hung up on V-day, but a lot of people are, so here's some stuff that's been floating around in my head for a while about love and relationships. Feel free to respond negatively or positively because everyone has a different way of seeing things and I would appreciate your feedback.

1. MEN: Why do you get with girls who are such b*tches? Seriously? They embarass you in public, disrespect you all the time, don't value your time or you as a person, and you still want to be with them? Ya'll say it ain't that easy to end a relationship but you can bet that if a guy I was with was disrespecting me, I would take off like a Tasmanian devil just running circles around myself to get out of that relationship.

2. LADIES: Why do SOME of you act like such b*tches when you're in a relationship? Relationships are work, but you acting out is just making it more work. Then you wonder why he left you or cheated on you. I'm going to get to cheating in a moment, but ladies, step back and evaluate your actions. You may think that you are right, but put yourself in his shoes for a moment.

3. MEN: Cheating. Need I say more? Don't beat me up yet, I'll bother the ladies too, but why do you cheat? Especially when your woman is good to you?

4. LADIES: Same question. I know the statistics have been saying that ladies cheat less than men, but I think both genders cheat equally. Ladies just know how to hide it better. As Jamel says, "It's easier to run holding your skirt up around your waist than it is to run with your pants down by your ankles." Solution: Men should wear kilts. Then they can run with a "skirt" up around their waist too.

5. MEN: Why don't you grow some balls? All of you say you have balls, but when it comes to a relationship, you guys are so chicken. NEWS FLASH: Chickens don't have balls. Roosters do.

6. LADIES: Why do you reject the good guys so often? That turns them into chickens sometimes. If everytime you touched a doorknob you got electrocuted, you would eventually stop touching doorknobs out of fear. Be good to the good men we have. They treat their momma right and would treat you right too if you gave them a chance.

7. MEN: Can you stop beating around the bush? Just because you and a particular girl hang out a lot doesn't mean that she automatically knows that you have feelings for her. Tell her you like her. She is not a mind-reader and the feeling is PROBABLY mutual.

8. LADIES: If he asks you a direct question, can you just answer it directly and stop TRYING to be a flirt? If he asks you a serious question and has to come to me to decipher your answer, it wasn't flirtatious. It was just CONFUSING. Flirting should not require a personal translator.

9. MEN: Why do you want to keep your options open when you already had a WOMAN who was your everything? She cleaned, cooked, helped with your laundry (although that's a bit much if you don't live together) and was everything that the PERFECT WOMAN should be. There is nothing else for you out there. Sleeping around will not fill the void that she left.

10. LADIES: Why do you stay with men who treat you like sh*t? They will not change. No matter how many times they promise, unless something major happens in their lives they will not change. There is a REAL MAN out there for you who can provide you with all the love and affection you need. Make a new start and find true happiness this time.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and may all your celebrations go exactly as planned! I will be celebrating by wearing all black, as usual.


  1. Oh, I agree with basically all your points! And I guess I will wear black as well! A very intelligent post, congratulations, really great!

  2. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! I'm glad to see my black trend is catching on! :)


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