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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yummy Blue!!

Hey guys, I'm blogging from a school computer because I really wanted to get a post up, and everything to finish fixing my computer should be here on Monday, and I should be back blogging by Tuesday!! So tomorrow, I'm taking the LSAT, so wish me luck!!! I wanted to show you guys a polish I used for an amazing layering combo a few weeks ago - Nubar Blueberry from the Jellybeans collection. It's an awesome jelly blue, and I used 3 coats of it in the following photos.


The last two photos are the most colour accurate, although this was a hard colour to capture. I still had a little VNL after 3 coats, and I managed to smudge my index finger (as I always seem to do) so that had a 4th coat. It applied beautifully and would be great for jelly sandwiches! I think this is a must-have blue in any blue lover's collection!
Happy Polishing (and Holidays),


  1. Oh, this blue is stunning! It looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Jenna! It should have cult status like Baker St!


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