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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nubar Blueberry Pt. 2

Ok, so remember me telling you about how I used Nubar Blueberry as the base for some awesome layering? Here's the first part of what I layered over it: Hare Afterglow!! I got my first Hares from one of the lovely ladies in one of my polish groups and Afterglow is the only one I've used so far.

Nubar Blueberry Layering
Words can't describe it (I'm sure they could, but I'm terrible at descriptions) so here's a macro shot:

Click to enlarge!! It's so pretty!

This is in direct light, so it looks a bit lighter here than it really is.
The next few photos didn't come out too well, but I included them since they were closest to the polish's true color.

Ok, I kept taking photos since it was so here are three more. :)




Oh, and I have my laptop back so this is my first post from my completely revamped computer!!! I love having it back, and I'm glad to be back here and blogging!! See you lovelies around!!
Happy Polishing,

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