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Friday, September 14, 2012

Underwear Preview!

No, I'm not showing you my skivvies, but I did want to show you my base colors for a polish I'll be reviewing shortly! I frankened most of my base colors since I just recieved a shipment of suspension base and pigments, but I think they're close enough to colors that already exist so I won't create any lemmings. :)
Only 2 pics today, but they're with my new camera, so I'm pretty excited!

Underwear for All Hallow's w/ Flash
With Flash
The colors with flash are a little washed out, but you can see the holo in the red franken better on my middle finger. I frankened a red holo on my first try, yay!!
Underwear for All Hallow's
No flash, indoors.
You can see the pink shimmer a little better on my pinky now! The color is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so glad I purchased the Libra Blues pigment from TKB for this franken. If you're looking for a similar color, Dare 2 Wear Our Secret Eden is what I was trying to dupe with this franken. The green on my index is made with a couple drops of black polish and Chromium Green pigment from TKB. The red holo is made with the Magic Holographic suspension from TKB, Zoya America, and A-England Perceval. The white is good old Wet n Wild French White.Whew! 

Everyone kept asking me why I have either the Mexican or Italian flag on my nails, but it wasn't on purpose. Oh well! Glitter shall be up on the blog soon!



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    1. Thanks Sara! I just need some glitter now to start making some glitter bombs!


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