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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So Many Photos, So Little Time...

I couldn't decide what to post today, I figured I'd show you the gross swatches now and the nice ones later. I feel like I've been showing a lot of work-appropriate polish here lately, so why break that streak? I promise I'll have something brightly colored later on this week! I have no idea why I took so few photos, so hopefully, you get the gist of this polish - Zoya Erika.

Erika is a light pink with gold shimmer that sort of looks green at certain angles. It's like the pink version of Zoya Gaia! This photo is a little too pale but the bottom two are more accurate. I've shown it at two coats in all the photos. There is VNL at 2 coats but I liked how it looked. If you would like to build it up more, I believe it was opaque in 4 coats the first time I wore it.

I love gold shimmer....sigh....

Very work-appropriate, and not boring at all! And I'm sure you could use it for jelly sandwiches! It's very versatile!

Hope you like pink polish, because I've got another one for you tomorrow!

Happy Polishing,

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