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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Blue

I bring to you today one of my favorite layering combos ever! First, the creme, the famous Nails Inc Baker St!

Baker Street
Oh yes, the glorious blue! Nothing will ever compare for me...

Baker Street
I drool every time I wear it! I may need a backup bottle...

Baker Street
And it dries so shiny! No topcoat here, just two coats of glorious blue!

Now, what makes everything better? Flakies! I finally used my bottle of Nfu Oh 53!
Nfu Oh 53
I could just drown in this polish! It's so pretty! It's like a glass-flecked polish had a baby with a flakie polish like Nubar 2010 or Essie Shine of the times!

Nfu Oh 53
Taken in filtered sunlight
So pretty! At least it is to me! 

Nfu Oh 53
I took this pic in the shadow so the flakies would show better.

And, since I know somebody out there wants to know if this gets opaque by itself, I used 3 coats of the Nfu Oh by itself on my thumb. I still had some VNL, but my short-nailed friends will be able to wear this with ease. Beware that it is sort of thick, so I would definitely recommend layering rather than building it up by itself.

Nfu Oh 53
Side shot of my thumb! Catch a load of the shimmer and the flakie color shift!

Nfu Oh 53
Looks so pretty! You can hardly even see the VNL!

Nfu Oh 53
And who doesn't love macro shots? I know I love them!

I hope you enjoyed this splash of color in the middle of winter, and if you want to know anything, just ask below in the comments! I purchased Baker Street from Sephora and Nfu Oh 53 from Fabuloustreet.

Happy Polishing,


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