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Monday, November 5, 2012

Failure Sailor

Sooooo...nail fail time! I had a costume party to attend this weekend, and I wanted to do nautical nails to match my sailor costume. Well, when you can't find any of your nail art supplies, it's pretty hard to execute the idea I had in my head..that, and my striping brush was fraying. So I bring you this nail fail!

Nautical Nails
Even my dots were uneven. And that gradient looked way worse in real life. My cleanup was sloppy, probably because I hated how this came out, but still sloppy.

Nautical Nails
Promise my cleanup didn't look this bad in real life. Oh macro, why do you hate me so? That's it for this post, and since I posted mine, why don't you tell me about your most recent nail fail in the comments?
Bonus pic: My friend took this while we were at In N Out the other night after a costume skate party.

Happy Polishing,

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