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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms + Sneak Peek

Heads up! This post contains a motherload of pics!
Today's manicure is Zoya Juicy with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Ruby Diamond. I used two coats of Juicy on all my nails and then added 2 coats of Ruby Diamond on all nails except my ring fingers. I thought Ruby Diamond was going to be sheer so that's why I applied Juicy first. Ruby Diamond covers in 2 coats, just make sure to spread it evenly so no brushstrokes appear. I also thought Juicy was closer in color to Ruby Diamond than it ended up being. And Juicy is a semi-jelly. It's not quite opaque at 2 coats and it dries really glossy. I used Poshe top coat on all my nails and it didn't hide the holo. Yay!

Excuse the wrinkles in my nails. That was my fault. I had on too many coats of base coat and so it didn't dry properly and caused my polish to slip off.

Sneak Peek: I got my order from Fyrinnae so I'm gonna swatch them and upload them for you! They are so pretty in the jars and I bet they'll be even prettier swatched!
Flash, indoors.

No flash, indoors.
Happy Polishing,

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