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Monday, July 18, 2011

Color Club Back to Boho Swatches & Comparisons

Yes, it is interesting that after being gone for over a week, I would have swatches of Color Club's Fall Collection for you. No, Color Club did not send me these polishes in advance. So, you want to know how I got them, ey? Well, I decided to buy some polishes from a seller on Scalpers United AKA eBay, and I saw a set of 8 Color Club minis for a pretty decent price, so I bought them back in May. I got them and decided to look up the colors, but I couldn't find any info on any of the colors except Where's the Soiree?. So I decided that maybe these were super old colors that Color Club had never released. Not really, I thought they were fakes, but the bottles and labels were so legit. Then recently, I started seeing all these press releases for Color Club's fall collection. I check them out, and I own 5 of the 12 lacquers due to be released in September. Ok, enough talking, on to the swatches/comparisons.
l-r: Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, Color  Club Boho Mojo, China Glaze Devotion
As you can see, I have no close dupe for Boho Mojo. It's supposed to be a silvery, beige pearl, but to me it looks like the smallest amount of green or brown is in there. I haven't decided which one yet. I think this is 2 coats, but it might be 3. Boho Mojo and Voodoo You Do are the sheerest ones that I own. It's a bit harder to apply from a mini, so you probably only need 2 coats for opacity if you own a full size.
l-r: Voodoo You Do, Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City
Again, no dupes for me! Honestly, Emerald City was the closest in my stash. Color Club describes this as the perfect charcoal grey for the season with blue undertones, but I see green undertones, not blue. This was definitely 3 coats. It's a nice color, but not really up my alley. Any fans out there?
l-r: Color Club New Bohemian, China Glaze For Audrey
Close, but not dupes. Color Club describes it as a new 70’s take on Tiffany Blue, which it kind of is, seeing that is is super close to For Audrey, but I think it's closer to OPI Mermaid Tears (which I don't own). New Bohemian is a touch more green and muted than For Audrey. Nice shade, but I took forever to wear For Audrey, so we'll see how often I reach for New Bohemian.
l-r: Color Club Rad Nomad, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Grey Area
Another close comparison, but still not dupes. Color Club says Rad Nomad is a purple brown crème. It is a touch more brown/red than Grey Area, but if you're not into these types of shades and you already own Grey Area, I say skip it. I totally love these kinds of shades, so I will probably buy a full bottle of Rad Nomad.
l-r: Color Club Nomadic in Nude, Essie Sand Tropez
Ok, I won't lie. Nomadic in Nude is probably my favorite out of what I've seen of this collection so far. I'm a total sucker for nudes. While they aren't dupes, if you're not into nudes, you probably won't end up getting Nomadic in Nude. That sounds like something sexual. Nomadic in Nude is a touch more brown, while I see a bit of pink in Sand Tropez. If you needed a nude with more brown, get Nomadic. In Nude. I realized I really like saying that. I'm such a goofball.

Overall, I haven't seen anything spectacular from this collection yet, but I hope the 7 other shades are more enticing than these 5. Hope you liked this post!!
Happy Polishing,


  1. I like the white ones but some of the metallic ones seem a little streaky. Meh.

  2. Yeah, from what I have, I'm not impressed at all with their fall collection. And the metallic ones are full of brushstrokes. I wouldn't buy those in full sizes.

  3. Hmm, I might need a couple of these, brushstrokes and all--I like murky colors like that green.

  4. @KarenD I usually really like murky colors but I think I prefer them when there's yellow in my greens to make them olive-y. I think that's because my favorite eyeshadow color is an olive green. Go figure.

  5. Great comparisons! You are lucky to have found these early :)

  6. @GothamPolish Thanks!!! I totally freaked out when I realized that I got this collection early!

  7. So lucky to get them before they are out I think that are still very pretty brushstrokes and all


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